Self Stirring Mug


The whirlpool is the perfect metaphor for your dad’s hopes and dreams for you.

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Random Dad Products

Holy Bible Flask

Jesus turned water into booze for a reason. Help your dad get in touch with his spiritual side.

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Hidden Book Safe


And now only you and your dad will know where he hides his secret little things.

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Modern Flip Down Clock

The perfect addition to your dad’s collection of analog things that should probably just be digital.

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Trailer Hitch Hammock

I wouldn’t recommend your dad using this while the truck is moving… but I won’t tell anyone if you guys do.

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Remote Control Mop


I guarantee your dad will use this to chase the dog, but at least the floor will get clean.

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The Gift Of Nothing


Is your dad kind of a butthole? Show him that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this thoughtfully thoughtless gift.

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Steampunk Bronze Watch


On second thought, this watch is probably way too sexy for your father. Nah, you should just get him some boring watch instead.

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