Our keen team of product reviewers have been hitting the shelves and testing out the latest and greatest in dad entertainment technology. You’re going to find the most perfect gift that will have him smiling so hard his face will hurt.

Random Dad Products

Right To Bear Arms Print

Right To Bear Arms Print

Give your dad a good chuckle with this limited edition framed print. Perfect for liberal weenies and conservative nuts alike!

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Portable Road Trip Grill

Portable Roadtrip Grill

Has your dad ever felt the urge to grill something so bad he drove off the side of the road, crashed, and grilled right there on the burning corpse of his car? Well now he can grill without sacrificing his vehicle!

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HDMI Pocket Projector

Warning: Purchasing this product for your father may lead to lengthy slideshows of ducks he saw at the park.

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Wine Bottle Combination Lock


Face it, your dad knows you stole half of his booze and watered it down to make it seem full in highschool. Make it up to him with this ingenious invention so it never happens again.

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Remote Control Mop


I guarantee your dad will use this to chase the dog, but at least the floor will get clean.

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American Flag Pants


After one week in these pants your dad will be prepared to defend himself with the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man.

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Modern Flip Down Clock

The perfect addition to your dad’s collection of analog things that should probably just be digital.

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