Indoor Basketball Returning Hoop


He shoots… He scores! NOW DO IT AGAIN.

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Random Dad Products

Gutter Filter

This came in perfect when rodents kept committing suicide in my dad’s gutters.

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Portable Road Trip Grill

Portable Roadtrip Grill

Has your dad ever felt the urge to grill something so bad he drove off the side of the road, crashed, and grilled right there on the burning corpse of his car? Well now he can grill without sacrificing his vehicle!

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Aqua Farm

Your dad feeds the fish, the fish feeds the plants, the plants clean the water, and you feed your dad! The perfect circle of life.

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Bathtub Disco Light


We all know your dad takes baths like a little girl. Make his next bubble bath really sparkle!

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Pizza Slicer Fork Set

You’re never going to get your dad to stop eating pizza with a fork. Let him know you’re finally okay with him doing things wrong.

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Classic Arcade Watch


It doesn’t actually play a game but some of the buttons make things light up, your dad may not know the difference.

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Skeeball Game Machine

What do you mean you don’t have $5,000 to buy your dad a skeeball machine? What have you even done with your life?

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Heated Ice Scraper


Save your dad some time in the mornings and get him an ice scraper that eats ice for breakfast.

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Treadmill Desk

I’m sure there’s a nice way of giving this to your dad without calling him fat… I just don’t know what that would be.

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