Looking for the best Holiday and Christmas gifts for Dad? Want to honor your dad with amazing Father's Day gifts? Need the perfect birthday gift for your dad that's going to make you the favorite kid this year?

Our keen team of experts have come up with the coolest, best, most awesome, original, and unique gift ideas for your dad! We've been hitting the shelves and testing out the latest and greatest in dad entertainment technology, and you're going to find the most perfect gift that will have him smiling so hard his face will hurt.

Top Ideas

Personalized Noble Painting


Immortalize your father in the form of a personalized portrait painting. You can contract this sort of work from a lot of different places- be it an artist on Craigslist, hitting up the starving artists at your local art school, taking a chance with someone from fiverr, or (my recommendation) get a print from nobilified.com (which is where the pictures above came from). Your dad’s fireplace is going to look a hell of a lot classier with his handsome mug hanging above it.

Random Dad Products

Bathtub Disco Light


We all know your dad takes baths like a little girl. Make his next bubble bath really sparkle!

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Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails

The Gentlemen's Guide To Cocktails

Teach your dad to read and mix drinks at the same time! Throw in a couple whiskeys and I guarantee you’re going to be the favorite child this season.

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Wine Bottle Combination Lock


Face it, your dad knows you stole half of his booze and watered it down to make it seem full in highschool. Make it up to him with this ingenious invention so it never happens again.

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Wheeled Snow Shovel

Wheeled Snow Shovel

Shortly after the wheel was invented one bright caveman glued a shovel to it. Let your dad know you care but still expect him to shovel the driveway when it snows.

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Skeeball Game Machine

What do you mean you don’t have $5,000 to buy your dad a skeeball machine? What have you even done with your life?

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Modern Flip Down Clock

The perfect addition to your dad’s collection of analog things that should probably just be digital.

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Hypnotic Light Cube

Dads love staring at blinking lights. Don’t try to make sense of it, just buy him this.

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