Looking for the best Holiday and Christmas gifts for Dad? Want to honor your dad with amazing Father's Day gifts? Need the perfect birthday gift for your dad that's going to make you the favorite kid this year?

Our keen team of experts have come up with the coolest, best, most awesome, original, and unique gift ideas for your dad! We've been hitting the shelves and testing out the latest and greatest in dad entertainment technology, and you're going to find the most perfect gift that will have him smiling so hard his face will hurt.

Top Ideas

Family Nerf War


Imagine it’s your dad’s birthday. He walks into the house after a long day at work and the first thing he finds is a Nerf gun with a note attached to it. “Happy Birthday, Dad! Come find us.” Your entire family is armed and in hiding, and it’s his mission to come take you all out. Have a frosty beer right by it for him to chug, and you’ve just unfolded an evening he will never forget.

Lego Your Dad

lego dad

Make up for all the times your dad stepped on your Lego pieces by capturing his dignified persona in Lego form! You can even recreate him thriving in his natural habitat and complete it with some instructions on how to put it together. There are a few places you can order customized Lego figurines from places like FireStarToys.com, or ReasonablyClever.com. And then you can order individual Lego pieces by heading right to the Lego Store.

Random Dad Products

American Flag Pants


After one week in these pants your dad will be prepared to defend himself with the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man.

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Steampunk Flask

Steampunk Flask

Celebrate your dad’s drinking with this kickass steampunk flask! The dial measures badassitude.

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Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails

The Gentlemen's Guide To Cocktails

Teach your dad to read and mix drinks at the same time! Throw in a couple whiskeys and I guarantee you’re going to be the favorite child this season.

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Leaf Bag Loader


Your dad will appreciate the help with the yardwork. Just don’t overfill it like the moron in this picture.

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Portable Road Trip Grill

Portable Roadtrip Grill

Has your dad ever felt the urge to grill something so bad he drove off the side of the road, crashed, and grilled right there on the burning corpse of his car? Well now he can grill without sacrificing his vehicle!

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Mini Air Hockey Table

Wouldn’t it be a twist if the next time you and your dad got into a fight, a hockey game broke out?

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Playable Zelda Ocarina

If your dad enjoyed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time he’ll love this playable ocarina. If he doesn’t know what Zelda is just tell him its a magical flute or whatever.

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Skeeball Game Machine

What do you mean you don’t have $5,000 to buy your dad a skeeball machine? What have you even done with your life?

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Self Stirring Mug

The whirlpool is the perfect metaphor for your dad’s hopes and dreams for you.

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Tetris Link Game

The only board game I’ve ever played that I still see when I close my eyes hours later.

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Mini Pool Table

Open this up before you give it to him, get REALLY good at mini pool, then mini shark the hell out of your dad. He’ll be mini proud of you.

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