Looking for the best Holiday and Christmas gifts for Dad? Want to honor your dad with amazing Father's Day gifts? Need the perfect birthday gift for your dad that's going to make you the favorite kid this year?

Our keen team of experts have come up with the coolest, best, most awesome, original, and unique gift ideas for your dad! We've been hitting the shelves and testing out the latest and greatest in dad entertainment technology, and you're going to find the most perfect gift that will have him smiling so hard his face will hurt.

Top Ideas

Book Of Memories


Dads love it when you pack a book up with memories you have of them. Make them charming, thoughtful, funny, and especially the embarrassing ones. My siblings and I did this for our dad for his 60th birthday and filled it with 60 memories. I had the pleasure of handing it to him myself, and watching him read through each memory was a real treat. He couldn’t believe we remembered some of the things he did for us, but this book was the perfect chance to put in words how much we appreciated every little thing he did. You can build these books pretty easily, actually- make your own book with Blurb, or head down to your nearest craft store and scrapbook it old school. My dad said it was the best gift we’ve ever gotten for him.

DIY Office Terrarium


If your dad loves the outdoors but is chained to his work desk, he will love having a little piece of nature bottled up just for him. You can make a terrarium out of basically anything. Just find a closed or open glass container, cover the bottom with some rocks (for drainage), add a layer of activated charcoal to keep things fresh, add a layer of potting soil, plant some moss and plants in there and you’ve got yourself one fine piece of earth right there. For more in-depth instructions take a look at this handy terrarium building guide.

A Bucket of Booze


Now don’t mistake this as a thoughtless, or lazy gift. As a dad, I can attest to the fact that a nice day off with my favorite beverages all chilled and ready to enjoy is almost a spiritual experience. Especially if all of your dad’s usual chores are all taken care of. In fact, pull out a lawn chair for your dad to relax on and let him watch and laugh as you sweat over mowing the lawn and pruning the hydrangeas. Take note of your dad’s choice beers and start collecting for his big day and you’ll give your dad the priceless gift of relaxation. Heck, he might even want to enjoy one with you!

Lego Your Dad

lego dad

Make up for all the times your dad stepped on your Lego pieces by capturing his dignified persona in Lego form! You can even recreate him thriving in his natural habitat and complete it with some instructions on how to put it together. There are a few places you can order customized Lego figurines from places like FireStarToys.com, or ReasonablyClever.com. And then you can order individual Lego pieces by heading right to the Lego Store.

Family Nerf War


Imagine it’s your dad’s birthday. He walks into the house after a long day at work and the first thing he finds is a Nerf gun with a note attached to it. “Happy Birthday, Dad! Come find us.” Your entire family is armed and in hiding, and it’s his mission to come take you all out. Have a frosty beer right by it for him to chug, and you’ve just unfolded an evening he will never forget.

Random Dad Products

Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails

The Gentlemen's Guide To Cocktails

Teach your dad to read and mix drinks at the same time! Throw in a couple whiskeys and I guarantee you’re going to be the favorite child this season.

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Hand Mounted Flashlight

Hand Mounted Flashlight

Your dad looks stupid when he holds a flashlight in his mouth. Here, buy him this handy hand mounted hand flashlight.

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Right To Bear Arms Print

Right To Bear Arms Print

Give your dad a good chuckle with this limited edition framed print. Perfect for liberal weenies and conservative nuts alike!

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Leaf Bag Loader


Your dad will appreciate the help with the yardwork. Just don’t overfill it like the moron in this picture.

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Adult Size Tricycle


Want to help your dad impress the ladies? You probably shouldn’t buy this for him then.

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American Flag Pants


After one week in these pants your dad will be prepared to defend himself with the STRENGTH of a grizzly, the reflexes of a PUMA, and the wisdom of a man.

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Portable SNES NES Player

Portable NES SNES Player

Remember when your dad used to kick your ass at Mario Kart? Relive the horror with a portable Nintendo machine.

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Mini Pool Table

Open this up before you give it to him, get REALLY good at mini pool, then mini shark the hell out of your dad. He’ll be mini proud of you.

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Tetris Link Game

The only board game I’ve ever played that I still see when I close my eyes hours later.

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Hand Ashtray

Hand Ashtray

Give your dad a hand with his smoking habit. Feel free to use that line. You’re welcome.

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Steampunk Bronze Watch


On second thought, this watch is probably way too sexy for your father. Nah, you should just get him some boring watch instead.

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HDMI Pocket Projector

Warning: Purchasing this product for your father may lead to lengthy slideshows of ducks he saw at the park.

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Holy Bible Flask

Jesus turned water into booze for a reason. Help your dad get in touch with his spiritual side.

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